Compost toilet solutions for Gatherings of all Sizes

Welcome to a waste-free world.

“It’s not waste unless we waste it.”

Since 2002, compost toilets have been widely used at events all across Europe. The companies we’ve worked and learned from have operated at hundreds of events across 6 countries in the last 10 years.

Until recently, there was not a viable option for composting toilets for events in the US.

We decided to change all of that.

The premier ECO-FRIENDLY ‘waste-less’ option in the United States.

We’ve taken years of experience and distilled it into the most elegant, functional compost solution for high-use events in existence. This design bypasses most of the pitfalls that PLAGUE traditional port-o-potties.

Welcome to the Eden System.

  • Waterless

  • Solar-powered

  • Chemical-free

  • Odor Free

  • Eco-friendly

  • Self-contained

  • Does not need emptying during events

  • Nourishing to the Earth

  • A joy to use

  • Downright beautiful

Eden is the premium solution for music festivals, concerts, expos, events, farmer’s markets, construction sites, renaissance and medieval fairs, camping festivals, etc. Whatever you can imagine.

Our unique system allows us to service the entire continental United States.

No event is too large or too small to harness the life-giving properties of compost, and to shake off the wasteful practices of bygone eras.

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Green Initiative

Our 2020 Vision: Waste-free events across the United States.

We bring the concept of ‘reduce, re-use, recycle’ to a whole new level… and to the WHOLE EVENT.

Festivals and gatherings are a cultural force.

Organizers have the rare opportunity to reframe the minds of countless visitors. Ideas seeded there spread out into the culture at large like wildfire.

Art Eden we support this by educating about the benefits composting, so people get a sense of how they’re contributing to the planet, and bringing the dignity back to this oft-maligned natural process.

We transform events completely by envisioning and architecting inspiring spaces for the ‘movement.’


The Premier System For Premier Events comes at a price that may surprise you.

People commonly Ask…


We distribute the compost to local farmers for use on their land, where it adds nutrients to the soil in the form of nitrogen compounds, helping to boost crop production. The compost can be used on tree and flower farms, for instance.


Yes. Regular testing by independent verifying bodies has shown absence of salmonella, and that e.coli levels are well below accepted standards. Unlike normal domestic or commercial toilets, compost loos make water contamination by users impossible (e.g. with industrial waste such as paint or ‘invisible’ or illegal commercial dumping into sewers).


Compost is sustainably produced (i.e. from limitless supply), resource efficient (uses very little water, chemicals and fuel), and is a natural alternative to industrially produced chemical fertilizers that requires large amounts of energy and resources to produce and distribute. Compost releases nutrients slowly, whereas liquid fertilizers can be washed quickly into local waterways, with potentially detrimental affects.


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